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Hutchins Consort

Innovative Violin Chamber Ensemble playing the Rare and Beautiful Hutchins Violins

Now in their 25th Season, The Hutchins Consort is an innovative violin chamber ensemble which performs on the rare and beautiful Hutchins violins.

The distinctive lineup of eight meticulously designed, scientifically-tested violins were crafted by Dr. Carleen Hutchins, a dynamic woman whose contributions made an indelible mark on science, music, and women's history.

Fueled by the virtuosity of world-class artists, The Hutchins Consort busts through chamber music norms with an exciting fusion of diverse styles and collaborations. Their contagious joy and adventurous spirit make them a trailblazing force breathing new life into familiar melodies and exploring uncharted sonic territories.

From Baroque opuses to modern experimental sounds, their repertoire of over 400 arrangements showcases the full spectrum of the Hutchins instruments. With their unique instrumentation, The Hutchins Consort can recreate the rich textures and dynamic intricacies of a full orchestra, all within the intimacy of a chamber ensemble.

The Hutchins Consort has also toured extensively as a featured artist dazzling audiences across the United States, Ireland, Mexico, the Vatican, and Italy.



Beyond their transformative performances, Hutchins Consort welcomes collaborative opportunities with other artists, composers, and educational institutions. Their commitment to enriching the musical landscape extends to masterclasses, workshops, and collaborative projects that foster a deeper understanding of their unique approach to music and the Hutchins violins that make it possible.

Our Story

Founded in 1999 by Joe McNalley, the Hutchins Consort started with a mission to educate others and perform on the Hutchins Violins. When Dr. Carleen Hutchins saw one of their first performances, she said the Hutchins Consort was her "dream come true."


In 2007, Carleen personally anointed Joe and the Hutchins Consort as the bearer of her legacy (including all her scientific papers) when entrusted her organization, The New Violin Family Association, to merge with the Hutchins Consort. The merger completed shortly after she passed away in August 2009.


Each year, the Hutchins Consort serves their local community with all-ages access to quality live classical music through a series of concerts in Southern California.


Hutchins Consort has also toured extensively as a featured artist group dazzling audiences with main stage performances across the United States, Ireland, Mexico, the Vatican, and Italy.


Because of their interdisciplinary appeal to both Science and Music departments, they are highly sought after for University residencies, museums lectures, workshops, masterclasses, and educational outreach programs.

The Hutchins Violins

Dr. Carleen Hutchins' visionary genius has left an indelible mark on the world of music through her creation of the remarkable violins that grace The Hutchins Consort's performances. 


A true master of acoustical innovation, Dr. Hutchins pioneered the development of these extraordinary new instruments using science. Each was meticulously crafted to embody a specific octave range, resulting in a distinctive lineup of eight instruments of multiple sizes–all technically violins–from the smallest 18.5-inch treble to the towering 7.2-foot contrabass. 


From the resonant warmth of the lower octaves to the ethereal heights of the higher registers, the Hutchins violin octet grants the power to encapsulate the grandeur of a full orchestra within the intimacy of a chamber setting. 


These rare, beautiful, and scientifically significant instruments not only pay homage to the rich traditions of stringed craftsmanship but also catapult classical music and violin making into new dimensions. Dr. Carleen Hutchins’ creations represent an important contribution to science, music history, and women’s history. 


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, The Hutchins Consort preserves, promotes, and performs the Hutchins violins for a worldwide audience–ensuring Dr. Carleen Hutchins’ legacy lives on for generations to come.

Our Musicians

The talented artists behind the instruments

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