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In Memory of
Carleen Hutchins
(May 24, 1911 – August 7, 2009)


Carleen Maley Hutchins was an American former high school science teacher, violinmaker and researcher, best-known for her creation, in the 1950s/60s, of a family of eight proportionally-sized violins now known as the violin octet (e.g., the vertical viola) and for a considerable body of research into the acoustics of violins. She was born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

New Violin Family Association merges with the Hutchins Consort


In late 2007, Carleen Hutchins crafted an arrangement with the Hutchins Consorts’ Artistic Director, Joe McNalley, wherein the New Violin Family Association would merge with the Hutchins Consort.


Part of Hutchins Consort's mission is to preserve Dr. Carleen Hutchins’ life work, steward the archives of all of her important contributions to acoustical research, and make them available to scientists and luthiers for the future.


It was Dr. Hutchins’ intention that the Hutchins Consort would become the caretaker of this vast archive of scientific papers, instrument molds, instruments, research findings, and other important materials.


Since this merger was completed in October 2009, the Hutchins Consort partnered with Stanford University, making Dr. Hutchins work part of their permanent archive collection in their Music Department.

The Hutchins Consort is proud to serve scholars, musicians, teachers, scientists, luthiers and other persons who have an interest in both sharing and acquiring new information about the development of the New Violin Family.

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