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Staff & Board

Joe McNalley

Founder and Artistic Director

Joe McNalley began bass violin studies at the age of eleven, and started writing orchestral music in his early teens. Formal training with Edwin Barker, Ran Blake, Miroslav Vitous and Hankus Netsky at the New England Conservatory of Music was followed by advanced studies with Bertram Turezky at U.C. San Diego. Mr. McNalley has played with a number of notable musicians in the classical, jazz, and world music realms and has been honored several times for his solo and ensemble playing. He has performed with George Russell, Vinnie Golia, Jimmy and Jeanie Cheatham’s Sweet Baby Blues Band, Jay McShann, Eddie “Mr. Cleanhead” Vinson, Thad Jones, and other notables of Jazz and Blues.  As the founder of the Hutchins Consort, he has written over 220 arrangements and original compositions for the Hutchins Violins.

Alex Jimenez

Administrative Manager

Alex Jimenez was born in Barcelona and has been a music enthusiast since he was a kid. Musician, filmmaker and a passionate traveler, he moved to San Diego with his wife in 2016.

After making his documentary Kids Used to Sing, Alex realized that bringing music to people had to be an important part of his life, so becoming part of The Hutchins Consort was the perfect match for his goals. 

Alex has been with the Hutchins Consort since 2016.

Alex Jimenez.jpeg
Board of Directors

John McCarthy, President

Susan Beechner, Vice President

Beverly White, Secretary

Dr. Robert Burns, Co-Treasurer

Ruth Ann Burns, Co-Treasurer

Joe McNalley, Founder and Artistic Director

Steve Huber, Musician Representative

Sue Alexopoulos
John Aynes
Gary Babick
James Bilotta

Kathy Green
Julie Jenkins
Bruce Larson
Sharon McNalley
Susan Qaqundah

Heather Sahami
Mehran Sahami
Denny Scholz
Ericka Sigband
Barbara Woods
Cam Woods


Dr. Howard Jelinek, Chairman Emeritus

Advisory Board: 

- Dr. Alan Chapman, Composer, KUSC Musicologist
- Dean Corey, Former President, Philharmonic Society of Orange County
- John Forsyte, President, Pacific Symphony Orchestra
- Jeffrey Kahane, Former Music Director, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
- Welz Kauffman, Former President and CEO, Ravinia Festival
- Judith Rosen, Founding President, Board of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute
- Deborah R. Rutter, President, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
- Kris Sinclair, Former Executive Director, Assoc. of Calif. Symphony Orchestras
- Dr. John Schneider, Composer, Author, Broadcaster and Music Critic
- Cynthia Wade, Academy Award Winning Documentarian

In Memoriam

- Anne Anderson, Board of Governors, Dallas Symphony
- Henry Brant, Pulitzer Prize-winning Composer
- Ernest Fleischmann, Los Angeles Philharmonic Impresario and Visionary
- Dr. Carleen Hutchins, Luthier, Scientist, Founder of the Catgut Society and New Violin Family Association
- Marjorie Rawlins, Founder, National Music Museum
- Ronald Rosen, Chairman Emeritus, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

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