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Innovative violin chamber ensemble playing the rare and beautiful Hutchins violins
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About The Hutchins Consort

Now in their 25th Season, The Hutchins Consort is an innovative violin chamber ensemble which performs on the rare and beautiful Hutchins violins.

The distinctive lineup of eight meticulously designed, scientifically-tested violins were crafted by Dr. Carleen Hutchins, a dynamic woman whose contributions made an indelible mark on science, music, and women's history.

Fueled by the virtuosity of world-class artists, The Hutchins Consort busts through chamber music norms with an exciting fusion of diverse styles and collaborations. Their contagious joy and adventurous spirit make them a trailblazing force breathing new life into familiar melodies and exploring uncharted sonic territories.

From Baroque opuses to modern experimental sounds, their repertoire of over 400 arrangements showcases the full spectrum of the Hutchins instruments. With their unique instrumentation, The Hutchins Consort can recreate the rich textures and dynamic intricacies of a full orchestra, all within the intimacy of a chamber ensemble.

The Hutchins Consort has also toured extensively as a featured artist dazzling audiences across the United States, Ireland, Mexico, the Vatican, and Italy.


Beyond their transformative performances, Hutchins Consort welcomes collaborative opportunities with other artists, composers, and educational institutions. Their commitment to enriching the musical landscape extends to masterclasses, workshops, and collaborative projects that foster a deeper understanding of their unique approach to music and the Hutchins violins that make it possible.

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“Whenever the Consort performs, audiences are enthralled by the experience.”





Americana (2017)

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The First Fandango (2011)

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Concertos from the Time of Holberg (2006)

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The Hutchins Consort (2001)

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Featured Progam


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The Hutchins Consort presents an array of education and outreach programs each year. Programs are tailored to the needs of the community served, and range from story-based programs for preschoolers to lifelong learning
programs for assisted living facility residents.


The audience becomes an integral part of each performance, whether joining the musicians onstage, suggesting themes for improvisation, or assisting with storytelling. Each program explores a unique theme, incorporating classical music with current and popular works, all arranged for the Hutchins Consort or a smaller group of Consort members.


Past themes have included Superheroes, Shakespeare, Songs of the Birds, Klezmer, and the diaspora of Africa and India. Curriculum-based programs are particularly well-suited for science classes, exploring the unique physics aspects of the Hutchins octet.


Education and outreach is an integral part in the Consort’s work, symbiotic with its main stage programming.

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