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This is a group with heart, head and soul. They’ve inspired, instructed and wowed me every time I’m lucky enough to hear them play.

 - Craig Marshall, Transformational Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Ceremony Officiant


You have not really heard Fanfare for the Common Man by ELP until you've heard it played by Hutchins Consort. Spectacular. Played by some of the best string players. Eight violins played as one instrument. Whether playing Bach or Progressive rock you will be treated to some of the best music played by the best musicians in a concert never to be forgotten.

 - Thomas Ross 


I have been attending the Hutchins Consort performances every opportunity Ive had over the last two years. 

They have never ceased to amaze and inspire with the bright pure sounds from the Hutchins Violins, the  broad selection of pieces and the incredible talent that perform them. In my opinion the Hutchins Consort and Hutchins Violins are a unlike any other musical experience you will ever have. They should be playing Carnegie Hall!

 - Patricia Ryan


I have known about The Hutchins Consort since it’s inception. Every concert is unique and educational. I’m impressed by the talent of the individual members and the synergy of the group. Some years ago, I had a psychotherapy client in a nursing home. She had no family, was very withdrawn, and spoke little. She enjoyed music and one day, I put on a Hutchins Consort CD for her to listen. She smiled, said “Oh, I know this one,” then began to sing. After that, she conversed regularly, even offered her opinions of the day. 

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a concert, go listen and you’ll be glad you did!

 - Janet M. Brown, LCSW, SEP


The Hutchins Consort is an incredibly unique and innovative group of musicians.  Their repertoire spans from classical , modern, rock , and even an eclectic version of all of these genres.   It's amazing how they can arrange some of the most beloved pieces of music to suit these specialized violins .    I love seeing and hearing them each and every chance I get! 

 - Devora Susman, Business owner


The Hutchins Consort offers a unique musical experience unavailable anywhere else. The selections include everything from the grand and elegant to the whimsical and everything in between. The arrangements and musicianship are superb. Highly recommended!

 - Robert Butler, Business owner

To spend an evening with the Hutchins Consort is to be transported to a magical land where well-loved melodies are reborn and new pieces delight and astound the ear. The music of these eight violins weave a depth and fascination into music, be it old and familiar, modern, or a Consort original. At a recent Bach and Rock concert, as I was swayed by the beauty of the classical “Air on G String” and “Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor” (with the pianist Maksim Velichkin) I felt as if I were communing with the soul of Johann Sebastian and telepathically understood his love and reverence for God and music. The baroque adaptation of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” sounded as if it had been arranged by Bach himself. During this same concert, the Consort played a rousing version of my favorite Led Zeppelin tune: “The Immigrant Song” - with different violins trading the refrain. It was so exciting that I definitely did not need a cup of coffee at the intermission!

 - Liz Smith Teacher

I have found the Hutchins Consort to be a source of joy for many years.  Dinner and a Hutchins Consort concert is the perfect evening out.  Every thematic concert is entertaining, riveting and guaranteed to move my soul.  The compositions are unique and quite compelling.  I can't recommend them enough!

 - Martha Kahn,  Voice Over Talent & Coach

Watching the Hutchins consort is always a treat! These talented artists play a wide variety of musical pieces ranging from classical to modern. Beautiful playing and technical skill. The banter and chemistry between members of this group always makes for a fun show as well, an added bonus to this musical experience. Bring the whole family!

 - Carina Slepian, Manages Homesbycarina LLC

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