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There are many ways to support the Hutchins Consort

With ticket sales covering only a fraction of productions costs, a large portion of our annual budget is realized through donations from government and private foundations, corporate partnerships, sponsorships and individual gifts. These contributions are the foundation upon which the Hutchins Consort continues to present annual concert series and educational programs. Your tax-deductible gift also supports concert tours and college residencies where master classes and performances introduce entire communities to the magnificent sound of the Hutchins Octet.







Matching Gifts

Many organizations will match charitable contributions made by employees, doubling or even tripling the amount of your gift. Whether you choose to become a sponsor, show your support by advertising in the season programs, or continue the tradition of making that all-important individual gift, your contributions help to fuel the momentum of this organization. Thank you.


All musical organizations are seeking the same thing – stability – assurance that the music they produce will continue for a lifetime and the educational programs they initiate will raise a new generation of musicians and music lovers. Please contact Joe McNalley at 760-632-0554 to discuss a contribution to the Hutchins Consort Endowment Fund.

Corporate Sponsorship

Partnerships within the communities we serve are an important part of our mission. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our sponsors because it enables us to bring the powerful sound of the Hutchins Violins to audiences locally, nationally and internationally. We create individual sponsorship packages designed to bring patrons and sponsors together, and we encourage our audiences to support the organizations that support us. For more information on the benefits of sponsorship, please contact Joe McNalley at 760-632-0554.

Hutchins Angel – $25,000 +

Angels support the large and long-term projects undertaken by the Hutchins Consort, such as concert tours, on-campus residencies, master classes and the documentary (currently in production) based on Carleen Hutchins’ life and work. Donors are recognized on the website, in the Donor Program List and promotional media. All patrons at this level receive a private musicale performed by the Hutchins Consort. Donors who contribute specifically to the documentary will also be recognized in the film credits.


Carleen Hutchins Legacy Circle – $10,000 – $24,999

Donations to the Legacy Circle support the production and propagation of new instruments built on the templates and principles of Carleen Hutchins. Donors are recognized on the website, in the Program Donor List and promotional media. Also, in honor of their gift, donors’ names names are permanently embedded inside one of the second-generation Hutchins instruments.


Henry Brant Composers’ Circle – $5,000 – $9,999

Contributions to the Composers’ Circle support the commissioning of new works for the Hutchins Consort. Donors are acknowledged on the website, in the Program Donor List and promotional media, and are further recognized by the inscription of their names on the score. A private musicale premiering the commissioned works will be arranged exclusively for Composers’ Circle Donors.


Producers’ Circle – $2,500 – $4,999

Donations at this level directly support the full season of musical and educational programs produced annually by the Hutchins Consort. In addition to recognition on the website, in the Program Donor List and promotional media, patrons also receive recognition on a concert title page and complimentary half-page advertising space in the program.


Directors’ Circle – $1,000 – $2,499

Guest artists add a rich and exciting dynamic to an evening of music. Gifts to the Directors’ Circle assist the Hutchins Consort in attracting the finest musicians from around the world to join the ensemble in performance. In addition to receiving recognition on the website and in the Program Donor List, patrons are invited to a private post-concert reception to meet the artists.


Patrons’ Circle – $500 – $999

Donors are recognized on the website, in the Program Donor List, and receive two complimentary tickets to the Hutchins Consort Annual Gala.


Supporter – $250 – $499

Donors are recognized on the website, in the Program Donor List, and receive one season subscription to the Hutchins Consort annual concert series.


Contributor – $100 – $249

Donors are recognized on the website, in the Program Donor List and receive two tickets to the concert of their choice.


Member – $99

Donors are recognized on the website and in the Program Donor List.


Great deals. Good deeds.

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The Hutchins Consort, Federal Taxpayer I.D. #33-0975672, is a not-for-profit entity as defined under 50l (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Questions regarding contributions to the Hutchins Consort may be directed to Joe McNalley at 760-632-0554 or

The Hutchins Consort gratefully acknowledges those who generously support its music and educational programs and its vision for the future of the new violins designed by Dr. Carleen Hutchins.

A. Gary Anderson Family Fdtn.
Janet Aengst
Howard & Roberta Ahmanson
James & Elaine Alexiou
Dr. Nicolaos & Sue Alexopoulos
Stephen & Kathleen Allison
Willam & Fay Amneus
James & Eleanor Anderson
Mrs. Alan V. Andrews
Alan Andrews & Molly Lynch
John & Diane Arnold
Beverly August
M.R. Austin
Gary Babick
Ralph & Charlene Bauer
George Baugh
Tony & Ruth Bedi
Susan Beechner
Seymour Beek
Mrs. Alan Beimfohr
Mr. & Mrs. Benton Bejach
Carl & Lora Bennitt
Nancy Beverage
James Bilotta
Earl U. Bivens
Dennis & Stephanie Blanchard
Walter & Carol Boice
Peter & Sabra Bordas
Billie Bowen
Patricia Bril & Gordon Smith
Dr. Peter & Andra Broekelschen
Bill & Anita Bronstein
Benjamin & Carol Brown
Douglas Burch
Dr. Robert & RuthAnn Burns
Jeff & Virginia Calcara
Mrs. Jack Caldwell
David & Margaret Carlberg
Laura J. Carroll
Thomas & Suzanne Casey
Christopher Cattell
Lauren & Cecil Caufield
John Cavanaugh
John Chalmers
Eleanore Chapin
Jenson Chen
Robin Chesnie
John Christofferson
David and Victoria Collins
David and Betty Comegys
Bill and Laila Conlin
Karla Contreras
Karen Cornell
Anthony Corso
Warren G. Coy
Chris and Laura Crosson
Pamela Daniel
Julie David and Tom Bryan
Marcia Davis
Dr. John and Katherine Dean
Mary Desloover
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dohn
Ann Donat
F.F. Druckey
Floranne Dunning
Chess Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Egan
Catherine and James Emmi
Encinitas Rotary Club
Ernie and Diane Ertley
Mr. Barry and Eleanor Faber
Dr. Harvey and Sharon Fair
Lois Faist
Frances Farrer
Malcolm and Joyce Fienberg
Dr. Earl and Shirley Feiwell
Joanne Fernbach
Arden Flamson
John and Cheryl Fremdling
Phil and Katie Friedel
Ken Friedman
Eunice Fujimoto
Jean Galloway
Christina Gantz
Margaret Gates
Hank and Lola Gillebaard
Faye J. Girsh
Arion Goodwin
Carolyn and Richard Grant
Betty Grazer
Robert and Margaret Green
Gerald and Etelka Greer
Stan and Jane Greir
Montgomery and Stephanie Griffin
Sheldon and Shell Grossman
Harriet Guggenheim
John and Barbara Hall
Mrs. Charles Hamburger
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton
Dr. Carolyn Hardy
Donald Haskell
Mary Hermance
George and Evelyn Horansky
Mary Ellen Houseal
Robert and Dorothy Huntsberger
Patricia Hurley
Gail Clifford Hutton
Paul Hutton
Carryl Hytopoulos
Mrs. Alan Jacobs
Lois Jacobs
Dr. Howard & Judith Jelinek
Carole Johnson
Dana Johnson
James & Gwen Johnson
Mrs. Roger Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Drs. Jaak & Siret Jurison
Martha Kahn
Robert & Kelly Kaplan
Dr. Burton Karson
Joanne & Dennis Keith
Mr. G. Berk Kellogg
Eva Khwaja
Carol E. Moss Kirkwood
Dr. Stephen & Lynne Koffler
F. & L. Kopstein
Leonard Kroeker
Fontaine Laing
Janet Landstrom
Dr. Jack & Marena Larson
Robin & J.K. Leason

National & International Members

Theodore & Carol Bense, Mirror Lake, NH
Peter & Dorothy Bergquist, Eugene, OR
Elinor Brocklehurst, Dover, DE
Janet & Raymond Brown, Fort Worth, TX
Joe & Stella Bryan, Pensacola FL
Ellen Carlson, Tilton, NH
Alan & Sally Carruth, Newport, NH
Thomas Conley, Indianapolis, IN
Edward & Betty Cook, Georgetown, TX
Ronald M. Costell, M.D., Washington, DC
Evan B. Davis, Seattle, WA
Edward & Mary Lee Esty, Chevy Chase, MD
Frank & Carolyn Field, Durham, NC
Gretchen Friend, Waban, MA
F.G., Reutlingen, GERMANY
Diana Gannett, Saline, MI
Glenn & Jill Geary, Green Cove Springs, FL
Daniel Haines, White Plains, NY
Bruce & Ruth Hawkins, Northampton, MA
Wendy Heiligenberg, Myrtle Bank, AUSTRALIA
Barbara Hendrian, Glen Ridge, NJ
J. Maurits Hudig, Montclair, NJ
William Hutchins & Lois Burleigh, Bethesda, MD
Greg Jensen, Lincoln, NE
Stephen & Rosemarie Johnson, Cambridge, MA
Francis & Patricia Kendziorski, Danbury, CT
Elsbeth Lewin, Princeton, NJ
Arthur & Cheryl Lindgren, Belgrade, ME
Frederick Lipsett, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


Louise Litwack
Mr. & Mrs. Ignacio Lozano
Robert Lucas
Suzi & Steven Lyons
Drs. Robert & Adeline Mah
Michael & Barbra Makay
Dr. & Mrs. Alexei Maradudin
Mr. & Mrs. John Marconi
Mrs. Bill Marting
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mastrangelo
Vincent Mayell
Niels Mayer
Deborah & Henry Mayhew
John McCarthy
Kelly McClellan
Mr. & Mrs. R.J. McCollom
Ilse McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Charles McIntyre
William & Ruth McKay
Robert & Ann McLean
Joe & Beth McNalley
Sharon McNalley
Cheryl McNulty
Drs. Vahe and Armine Meghrouni
Karsten and Laila Mehlbo
David and Darrellyn Melilli
Caroline Miller
R. Christian Minson
City of Encinitas and Mizel Family Fdtn.
Margaret Montgomery
Christa and Charlie Moreau
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morris
Sharon Morrison
National Endowment for the Arts
Carolyn Nelson
Carl and Elaine Neuss
Dan and Sharon Niedringhaus
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Omens
Leslie O’NeaSandra Ortiz
Glenn Osborne
Joy Owens
Dr. Gwyn and Erni Parry
Paul Hastings
Elizabeth Pehlivanian
Isobel Pelham
Joanne Pence
Shirley Pepys
Shadia Perdomol
Joan Petty
Norman Pickering
Mrs. Frank Posch
Charlene Prager
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Qaqundah
Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Rabe
Ronald and Marcia Kay Radelet
Hillary Radovich
Douglas Rankin
Dr. Dorothy Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reed
Louise Ringwalt
Marjorie and Charles Ringwalt
Walter and Dagmar Rios
Barbara Roberts
Michelle Rohe
Judith Rosen
Philip J. Ross
Katherine Ruiz
Michael Russell
Mehren and Heather Sahami
Christa and Juergen Schar
Eva and Fred Schneider
Audrey Schneiderman
Mrs. Dennis Payer Scholz
Ernie and Donna Schroeder
Patricia Hiehle Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schwarzstein
Dickson Shafer
Mrs. Edward Shanbrom
Florence Sheridan
Tana Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shiller
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Sholkoff
Nick and Donna Shubin
Heidi and Doug Shurtleff
Dale and Sherry Skerik
Supervisor Pam Slater-Price
Beryl and Robert Smith
Kathryn G. Smith
Ralph and Trisha Smith
Riley and Nika Smith
Wendy Smith
Robert P. Smith
Susan Soltani
John and Elizabeth Stahr
Barbara Steinberg
Michael & Diane Stephens
Kamla & Payson Stevens
Marilyn Stevens
Judy Strick
Margo Stuart
Dorothy Taylor
Dr. Roger & JoLane Thomas
Cathy Thomas & Phil McCullough
Tim & DeanAnn Tindall
Dr. Charles & Suzanne Turner
Don & Jean Ulander
Walter Unterberg
Alma Vanasse
Ita Vandenbroek
Mary Kay VanderMolen
Dr. & Mrs. Marko Voskovic
Helen Wagner
Janice Wallace
Steve & Joyce Wallace
M. Diane Walsh
Rev. Paul Lloyd Warner
Nella Webster & Dr. Kevin O’Grady
Dr. Carl & Debbie Weinert
Arthur & Christine Weiner-Torrellas
Mr. Douglas M. West
Dr. Fritz & Elaine Westerhout
Mr. & Mrs. Alan White
Robert & Beverly White
Kent & Carol Wilken
Bobbitt & Bill Williams
J.C. Williamson
Ruth Wittine
Gary Wolfson
Barry Wood
Cam & Suzanne Woods
George & Barbara Woods
Karen Wyrick

Dr. Charles Livingston, Salina, KS

Mr. Michael Lobsitz, Woodland Park, NJ

Steven & Jill McCann, Grand Rapids, MI

Elizabeth McGilvray, Montclair, NJ

Michael McNalley, Lexington, KY

Drs. Thomas and Julianne McNalley, Seattle, WA

Rev. & Mrs. William McQuoid, Pennington, NJ

M.C. Montleon, Pittsfield, MA

Carol A. Murtagh, Alton, NH

Robert & Jeremy Nersasian, Salem, MA

Eileen Olander, Phoenix, AZ

Eric G. & Kathy Olsen, Southbury, CT

Leo G. Orynawka, Grand Island, NY

Ruth & Richard Pansa, Utica, NY

Dr. & Mrs. Victor Parsonnet, Whitehouse Station, NJ

Joseph Peknik III, New York City, NY

Meira & Claude Penchina, Amherst, MA

F. Scott Ponicsan, Upper Montclair NJ

Alkis S. Rappas, Kingwood, TX

Carol Ringanese & Thomas Holmes, Greeley, PA

Cornelia Rogers, Harrison, NY

Rebecca Ross & Dennis Linder, River Forest, IL

Jean W. Seiler, Stillwater, NY

Elizabeth T. Snyder, Cambridge, MA

Dinos & Suzie Spyroporalos, London, ENGLAND

Rudolph & Geneva Steinberger, Kennett Sq, PA

Mr. & Mrs. J. Owen Todd, Wolfeboro, NH

K.C. Wali, Fayetteville, NY

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